Kudelski IoT keySTREAM Security Onboarding Platform

Kudelski IoT’s keySTREAM is a device-to-cloud security solution that enables designers to support IoT device security for the lifetime of the product, even after security support has been dropped by the original chip vendor.

Either at the semiconductor factory or after receiving a shipment of chips, keySTREAM provides each device with a new identity that is unclonable and can be reconfigured by the product designer on the OEM side.

This security certificate serves as a first point of call to identify the device, and also grant access to its data and firmware. Engineers can then continuously manage the security of their devices using Kudelski’s online platform and keep it safe from external attacks.

Key application areas include smart energy, smart wearables, asset tracking, automotive, smart buildings, smart city, and smart agriculture, where new security threats are constantly evolving.

keySTREAM is available for immediate use on chipsets from many popular vendors, including STMicroelectronics, Microchip, and Qorvo. Once connected to the network, Kudelski recognises these devices so that you can authorise the new security credentials and make full use of the functions possible when you are in control of your devices’ security, such as:

  • Validating device integrity
  • Protecting end-to-end data
  • Controlling access to data/device
  • Authorising device features
  • Performing secure firmware OTA updates

keySTREAM is available for small-scale free evaluation for up to 100 devices in order to test the technology before mass deployment. Kudelski IoT also offers a Matter-compliant certificate service so that device manufacturers can get started working with Matter with the confidence that their IoT remains safe. Limited free Matter certificates are available for evaluation of this service/technology.

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