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What makes an IoT gateway universal?

Streamlining your IoT does not have to be difficult. What if you had a LoRaWAN gateway that accepted wired protocols, had Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity for cloud connection, and a powerful Linux brain to run your application? Robustel has you covered!

In another ipXchange in-office interview, we are joined once again by David from Robustel. This time, David brought in the new R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway, which streamlines IoT deployments thanks to its support for wireless and wired protocols and the ability to pass LoRa and modbus sensor data directly to the cloud, with zero programming.

As well as LoRaWAN connectivity, the R1520LG offers cellular and Wi-Fi backup as well as direct RS232 and RS485 connections for wired IoT end nodes. More than a universal LoRaWAN gateway, the R1520LG can be seen as a universal IoT gateway. Power over ethernet also allows you to place the R1520LG in the most optimal place without the need to run additional power lines.

But the hardware is just one part of the magic: Robustel’s on-device operating system – based on Debian Linux – enables you to add your self-developed applications and run them on the gateway, without the requirement for additional computing resources. This makes the R1520LG LoRaWAN gateway a complete IoT mainframe for applications such as smart building monitoring, smart metering, and industrial IoT.

But why LoRa connectivity? David shares a real-life example of this technology in action:

The building penetrability and long wireless communication range of LoRa enables radiator temperature monitoring and control in large buildings from a single location. This insight and functionality can be used to drastically reduce energy bills at a time when prices have skyrocketed.

Robustel’s universal claim can also be extended to its cloud platform, both for data monitoring and router management – ipXtutorial coming soon! This platform enables estate-wide control of many LoRaWAN gateways from anywhere you have an internet connection and also shows you the location of each gateway on a map, which is both fun and mitigates against confusion for large management workloads.

Robustel offers the R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway both with and without cellular connectivity for an even more cost-effective solution. Learn more about this device by following the link to the board page below, and apply to evaluate this technology today if you’ve got a commercial project.

Keep designing!

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Robustel R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway

Want a robust, cost-effective IoT gateway that can drive LoRa and modbus data straight to your cloud?

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