Robustel R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway

The R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway from Robustel is built for indoor IoT deployments requiring 4G/3G/2G cellular backup and Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to popular wired communication protocols. It has been optimised as a cost-effective solution for high-volume IoT node deployments in applications such as smart building monitoring and industrial IoT. A wide 9 to 60 VDC power input enables flexible integration with many installations.

Robustel’s R1520LG LoRaWAN gateway features the following physical interfaces/ports:

  • 2 x ethernet with POE-PD for optimal gateway placement
  • 1 x RS232
  • 1 x RS485
  • 1x USB-A
  • 4x antenna connections
  • Dual SIM slots for resilient cellular communications

This LoRaWAN gateway is built around an i.MX 6ULL processor running at 792 MHz and supported by 512 MB DDR3 RAM and 8 GB eMMC flash memory. It runs the integrated Chirpstack LoRa network server for efficient traffic management. Robustel’s new E2C software also enables you to connect LoRa and modbus sensor data directly into AWS and Azure cloud environments, significantly streamlining your IoT software infrastructure. Alternatively, you can run your own LoRaWAN network server, such as UDP, Basic Station, or Loriot.

Robustel R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway

Robustel also offers a free router monitoring service that allows you to see the on-map location of the R1520LG LoRaWAN gateway using cell tower triangulation. Parameters such as data usage, signal strength, and much more can be easily monitored for each router, and over-the-air updates for firmware, router configuration, or apps can be sent as required for smooth operation.

For more technical specifications, please consult this product brief, and when you’re ready to evaluate the R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway, fill out the form below and ipXchange will get you connected.

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