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When Ambiq meets energy harvesting – Live demo!

Why use batteries when you can use sunlight? Ambiq has brought a load of its friends together for a new EVK that truly demonstrates how ultra-low-power processing is possible in a batteryless IoT!

In another interview showcasing Ambiq’s many partners at Embedded World 2024, ipXchange chats with Thomas from Bosch about a new energy harvesting development board that was built in partnership with Ambiq, Nexperia, and TDK InvenSense.

Bosch provides its BME680 4-in-1 humidity, temperature, pressure, and air quality sensor to this platform, with the ultra-low power consumption of Ambiq’s Apollo MCUs enabling such a powerful IoT system to run solely on ambient light energy.

This live demo shows the BME680 in action. Just look at that graph drop on the screen. It took quite a while to recover…

As Thomas explains, working with an ultra-low-power MCU provider like Ambiq for this collaboration has enabled Bosch to offer its customers a ready-to-go platform for designing batteryless IoT products that make full use of its state-of-the-art sensors.

It’s no secret that ipXchange has talked a lot about eliminating batteries from the IoT, but energy harvesting PMICs, storage elements, and harvesters are not the only part of the ecosystem that needs to be solved.

The low power consumption of Ambiq’s MCUs can truly make a difference to what is possible in such products, especially when wireless connectivity already takes a large bite out of the power budget.

While this EVK is still to be released to the market, you can check out Ambiq’s Apollo3 Blue SoC by following the link to the board page below. We believe this is the Ambiq chip at the heart of the aforementioned design, but if you’re looking for something with even higher performance, check out Ambiq’s Apollo4 and Apollo5 MCUs on our Ambiq manufacturer page.

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Still a few more partners to go, so who/what will come next…

Keep designing!

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