Analog Devices CN0569 Infrared Gesture Recognition Module

The CN0569 has an onboard 850 nm infrared pulse source and two detectors that operate at wavelengths above 800 nm, meaning that the visual spectrum is not detected, and only reflections from the on-board source serve as the basis of the detected gesture. Each detector, an ADPD2140 Infrared Light Angle Sensor, provides 2-axis, single-point measurements of incident angles for infrared light, and by using a pair with a known spatial separation, the distance of the gesturing hand can be triangulated. The typical gesture sensing range is up to 20 cm, and the sample rate is up to 512 samples per second, driven by the ADPD1080 Photometric Front End, which includes three 370 mA LED peak current drivers – only one is in use on the CN0569.

The ADICUP3029 Development Platform is recommended for testing the CN0569, and there is a Theremin Python script that converts the gesture readings into an observable format.

(All images sourced from Analog Devices)

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