Arduino Opta Industrial-Grade Micro-Programmable Logic Controller

Arduino’s Opta micro-PLC presents engineers with a ready-made, easy-to-use solution for industrial IoT projects and building automation, with security and certification to match for fastest time to market. Presented in an IP20-rated, 69 x 80 x 90 mm, DIN-rail-mountable enclosure, Opta was designed in partnership with Finder, a leading relay manufacturer, and it can be programmed within the well-documented Arduino ecosystem or using IEC 61131-3-standard PLC languages.

Opta can be used in operating temperatures from -20°C to +50°C and is available in three increasingly connected variants to serve the requirements of your IoT:

  • Opta Lite (with onboard ethernet and USB-C programming ports)
  • Opta RS485 (adds RS485 half-duplex connectivity interfaces)
  • Opta WiFi (also adds Wi-Fi/Bluetooth LE connectivity, compatible with Arduino IoT Cloud and third-party cloud services for real-time remote control, data monitoring, and OTA updates)

The heart of Opta is an STM32H747XI dual-Arm Cortex-M7, Cortex-M4 32-bit MCU supported by 1 MB RAM and 2 MB flash memories. An additional 16 MB flash via a QSPI interface can be used for data logging or other desired functionality. The interfacing options and other key features of the devices are as follows:

  • 8x configurable digital/analogue inputs
  • Digital operational range: 0-24 V
  • Analogue operational range: 0-10 V
  • 4x Normally Open (NO) relays rated at 250 VAC (400 VAC max.), 10 A (15 A peak)
  • TCP/IP and ModBus TCP ethernet connectivity
  • 12-24 VDC power input
  • RTC with 10 days Network Time Protocol (NTP) sync through Wi-Fi or ethernet

For more information on Arduino’s Opta micro-PLC, please consult this official datasheet.

If you have a commercial project in mind and would like to evaluate Opta, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will facilitate evaluation of this disruptive addition to the industrial PLC market.

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