dissecto HydraVision Automotive Cybersecurity Platform Consultation

dissecto’s HydraVision enables designers from a wide range of industries – automotive, industrial, aviation, aerospace, maritime, defence, IoT – to fully test the cybersecurity of their products by hosting, for example, an automotive ECU in dissecto’s fully certified datacentre for regular testing against new and emerging threats. HydraVision works with a wide range of protocols and interfaces to suit these many application areas.

For the automotive field, HydraVision is particularly useful given the introduction of UNECE R155, which requires that all vehicles from June 2024 be tested on a yearly basis to ensure their cybersecurity measures are up to standard.

HydraVision enables engineers to remotely access their products’ dissecto-hosted ‘brains’ in order to manage and monitor tests from afar before creating fixes – testing can be automated if desired.

HydraVision’s online dashboard can be configured to suit the needs of the engineer and will notify developers of new and upcoming threats, provide the level of vulnerability of the system to these threats, and allows them to create custom tests to suit the needs of specific use cases, with full security reports that show all the vulnerabilities and security gaps that require consideration.

From a company-wide perspective, HydraVision enables managers to assign roles to engineers based on what they are responsible for to optimise collaborative efforts and control access to sensitive data.

With regular security testing and reports, dissecto’s solution for constant cybersecurity health checks is a valuable tool to stay ahead of the curve, so fill out the form below to apply for a consultation on how to get started working with dissecto.

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