e-peas + NGK EP2016 “Alternative To CR2016 Battery” Reference Design

e-peas’ and NGK Insulators have collaborated to produce an energy-harvesting-based replacement for primary CR2016 coin batteries. The EP2016 reference design was demonstrated at Embedded World 2023 and features e-peas’ AEM10300 buck-boost ambient energy manager battery charger IC and NGK’s EnerCera ET1210C-H rechargeable Li-ion coin battery. This 12.5 (dia) x 1.1 mm storage element has a nominal capacity of 4 mAh and is mounted onto a CR2016-form-factor board (20 mm (dia)) that supports up to 7-cell solar panels for powering asset-tracking devices, remote control units, and PC peripherals using harvested ambient energy.

This innovative reference design features ultra-low quiescent current, overcharge and overdischarge protection, and regulated DC voltage output, with no drain from the storage element, a compact PCB footprint, and high reliability of operation. Thanks to the commonly used form factor, this reference design enables PCB plug-and-play replacement of a primary battery during evaluation.

e-peas’ AEM10300 device is a highly versatile energy management IC that extracts DC power from up to 7-cell PV harvesting sources to deliver energy to a storage element. It is available in a QFN28 4 x 4 mm package and is primarily used in devices for asset tracking/monitoring, electronic shelf labels, smart sensors, aftermarket automotive devices, and industrial and smart home/building applications. Only three external components are required when integrating the AEM10300 into a design: 1x 10 μH inductor, 1x 10 μF capacitor, and 1x 15 μF capacitor.

Much like in the EP2016 reference design, the AEM10300 extends battery life with the ultimate goal of eliminating a primary battery. Adaptive and smart energy management enables the device to automatically switch between boost, buck-boost, and buck operation to maximise energy transfer from the harvester. The integrated ultra-low power DC/DC converter operates with input voltages ranging from 100 mV to 4.5 V, with cold start from 275 mV input voltage and 3 μW input power.

For more information about the AEM10300, follow this link to the datasheet.

It is unclear whether the EP2016 is merely a reference design that was created to show at Embedded World or if it is an up-and-coming product, so filling out the form below will put you in touch with e-peas for consultation on this reference design and integration of their technology into your commercial project. Alternatively, you can use this form to specify your interest in the standard evaluation boards for the AEM10300 energy management IC.

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