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Replace your CR2016 coin batteries with…the Sun: A plug-and-play PV-harvesting reference design

And suddenly, you may not need batteries to power smaller remote controls, asset-tracking devices, or even your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Well, not primary batteries at least…

Another interesting find at Embedded World was a recent collaboration between our energy-harvesting friends at e-peas, and NGK Insulators, which ipXchange previously covered as part of our search for interesting rechargeable batteries.

The EP2016 is a CR2016-form-factor reference design that replaces a standard CR2016 coin battery with a smaller rechargeable Li-ion battery from NGK that is charged by an up-to-7-cell solar panel, managed by e-peas’ AEM10300, a buck-boost ambient energy manager battery charger IC.

The result is an innovative energy harvesting reference design that features ultra-low quiescent current, overcharge and overdischarge protection, and regulated DC voltage output, all in a compact, plug-and-play form factor that can be used to eliminate use of a primary battery in your low-power application.

The AEM10300 itself only requires three external passive components to operate as part of a design, so learn more about it and the EP2016 on our board page (link below).

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e-peas + NGK EP2016 “Alternative To CR2016 Battery” Reference Design

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