Enovix Si-anode Li-ion Cell Sample

When applying for a sample, please be thorough in your application description, or specify your preferred option from the following:

->Eyewear Cell (295 mAh capacity, 664 Wh/l energy density, 44.02 x 10.64 x 3.47 mm, 4.60 g)

->Wearable Cell (340 mAh capacity, 714 Wh/l energy density, 28.87 x 17.30 x 3.46 mm, 4.79 g)

->Handset Cell (3512 mAh capacity, 882 Wh/l energy density, 70.23 x 38.39 x 5.36 mm, 45.67 g)

->Smartphone/Laptop Cell (4180 mAh capacity, 900 Wh/l energy density, 77.69 x 54.96 x 3.95 mm, 52.26 g)

All cells have a 500 cycle life. Stated dimensions are typical at 0% state of charge and do not include the terminals.

(All images sourced from Enovix)

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