Everspin xSPI STT-MRAM Evaluation Board

Everspin’s new xSPI product family is based on the EXpanded Serial Peripheral Interface, the latest JEDEC standard for non-volatile memory devices. xSPI products use Everspin’s unique industrial Spin-Transfer Torque (SST) MRAM technology, which delivers a significant reduction in switching energy compared to their Toggle MRAM.

xSPI MRAM devices offer high-performance, multiple I/O, and SPI-compatibility, and they feature a high-speed, low pin count SPI compatible bus interface. These persistent memory MRAM devices come in sizes from 8 Mb to 64 Mb and operate on a single 1.8 V power supply, delivering up to 400 MBps for both reads and writes via eight I/O signals. With unlimited read, write, and erase operations for the supported life of the product, Everspin boasts 10 years minimum data retention across the two operating temperature ranges – commercial (0°C to +70°C) and industrial (-40°C to +85°C). The quad and octal interface options run at 133 MHz and 200 MHz respectively.

The xSPI MRAM product evaluation board is an FPGA-based system with an industry-standard xSPI controller embedded for testing and evaluating the STT-MRAM device. As with many of Everspin’s evaluation boards, a host board is required to interface the technology for testing, as shown in the picture. More details regarding this evaluation system, including datasheets, can be provided if you have a commercial application in which you would like to evaluate Everspin’s xSPI technology. Apply to evaluate this technology using the form below.

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