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High-bandwidth, robust MRAM for industrial, automotive, and aerospace deployments

ipXchange loves to get the scoop from the source when the opportunity presents itself, so we caught up with Everspin Technologies at Embedded World, having previously written about their xSPI products.

In this interview, Paolo explains the benefits of Everspin’s latest generation of quad- and octal-interface STT-MRAM devices, which include 400 MB/s bandwidth, higher density, and increased power efficiency when compared to their previous toggle MRAM generation. With unlimited rewrite capability and a minimum of 10 years data retention at 85°C, these devices are a great fit for industrial applications such as HMI, robotics, and process control.

Everspin also sees their devices used in civil and military aircraft, automotive, and professional gaming applications, where robustness of data is essential. Immunity to radiation means that these devices are even suitable for use in space.

Everspin xSPI STT-MRAM Evaluation Board

Learn more about Everspin’s STT-MRAM range here, where you can also apply for a 64 Mb Octal SPI development board to test these devices for use in a commercial project:

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