GSS SprintIR-R High-Speed CO2 Sensor And Evaluation Board

GSS’ (Gas Sensing Solutions’) SprintIR-R is a low-power, high-speed CO₂ sensor for up to 50 readings per second. Unlike slower CO₂ sensors, SprintIR-R is ideal for applications for monitoring rapid changes in CO₂ concentration, such as for medical monitoring, sports sciences, and food packaging.

A flow-through sampling design allows gas to be passed over a solid-state NDIR sensor at high speed, and customised adaptors can be created in conjunction with GSS to meet the installation requirements for your application. Built-in auto-calibration ensures that measurements remain accurate over the lifetime of the device, and SprintIR-R is specified for an operating temperature range of 0-50°C with an accuracy of 70 ppm for 0-20% sensor ranges and below and 300 ppm for 0-60% sensor ranges and above, up to 0-100% CO₂ concentration range. The current draw is 35 mA per reading, 40 mA peak on power-on, and 0.01 mA in sleep mode. Communication to your host system is provided via UART.

The evaluation kit for SprintIR-R is easy to use and comes with PC software that allows designers to control and configure the sensor for their application. Additionally, designers can observe and record real-time, time-stamped CO₂ measurements for subsequent analysis. The kit comes with everything you need to get started and is interoperable with GSS’ slower SprintIR-6S device.

If you’ve got a commercial project and would like to evaluate or learn more about SprintIR-R, fill in the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch with GSS to discuss your requirements.

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