Innoviz InnovizOne, InnovizTwo, And Innoviz360 Lidar Design Consultation And Evaluation

Innoviz offers a range of lightweight, low power lidar solutions for many applications, including consumer vehicles, delivery vehicles, robotaxis, roboshuttles, autonomous freight, logistics, sidewalk delivery, industrial drones, heavy machinery, construction, or smart cities. Innoviz are also open to working with unique use cases that are not within these target markets.

Innoviz’s product range consists of three lidar solutions which are summarised below. IpXchange’s advice is that consultation with Innoviz is likely to yield the best solution for your design, so these are presented as a guide to Innoviz’s capabilities. Each solution works using 3D point cloud perception, is resilient against sunlight and weather conditions, and is automotive-qualified with robust and reliable construction.

InnovizOne is designed for seamless integration into level 3-5 autonomous vehicles to ensure safety for those inside and outside the vehicle. This device offers angular resolution up to 0.1° x 0.1°, configurable frame rate of 5-20 fps, detection range of 0.1 m to 250 m, maximum field of view of 155° x 25°, and comes in a 45 x 111.4 x 97.9 mm package.

InnovizTwo improves on InnovizOne to offer a fully featured solution for all levels of autonomous driving, enabling safer driving for all. This solution supports autonomous operations from level 2+ to level 4 and offers angular resolution up to 0.05° x 0.05°, configurable frame rate of 10, 15, or 20 fps, detection range of 0.3 m to 300 m, maximum field of view of 120° x 40°, and comes in a 46 x 137 x 132 mm package.

Innoviz360 is a next-generation 360° lidar solution targeted at mass production of Level 4-5 autonomous vehicles, as well as non-automotive industries where object tracking and safety are crucial. This device offers angular resolution up to 0.05° x 0.05°, programmable frame rate of 0.5-25 fps, detection range of 0.3 m to 300 m, maximum field of view of 360° x 64°, configurable 300-1280 scanning lines per frame, and comes in a 115 mm diameter package with a depth of 51 mm or 65 mm without or with a heat sink respectively.

Innoviz sensor modules can be paired with the company’s perception software for a turnkey autonomous vehicle solution. This software includes functionality for:

  • Object detection, classification, and tracking
  • Pixel collision classification
  • Continuous calibration

For improved object detection and safety in your application, apply for consultation with Innoviz using the form below, detailing your requirements and preferred Innoviz system if known.

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