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Cost-effective lidar features gapless pixels for increased safety in autonomous applications

We first talked about Innoviz’s lidar solutions after meeting them at CES, but since that was months ago, here’s an ePoster to refresh you on their most easy-access product for the automotive sector, the InnovizTwo.

The significantly reduced cost of this second-generation module enables more manufacturers to implement high-performance lidar for increased safety and awareness across many applications, including consumer vehicles, robotaxis and other autonomous vehicles, logistics, trucking, heavy machinery, and smaller devices such as industrial drones or sidewalk delivery units.

With a configurable frame rate of 10, 15, or 20 fps, an equally distributed 120° x 40° field of view with high angular resolution, and a detection range of 0.3 m to 300 m, the InnovizTwo supports autonomous operations from level 2+ to level 4. Regions of interest can be tailored to suit your application, without affecting bandwidth, resolution, or frame rate, and since there are no gaps between the lidar pixels, unlike many 3D-dot-cloud-based vision systems, objects lying between measurement points are not missed, resulting in much safer autonomous operation in your end device.

Additionally, this 46 x 137 x 132 mm module boasts reliable performance in direct sunlight and bad weather conditions thanks to its ability to return multiple reflections per pixel to map the 3D environment with greater accuracy. Better yet, this sensor, and Innoviz’s other lidar solutions, can also be paired with Innoviz’s perception software for a turn-key autonomous vehicle solution that features object detection, classification, and tracking, pixel collision classification, and continuous calibration functionality.

Learn more about the full range of Innoviz lidar solutions in the link to the board form below, where you can also watch our interview from CES and apply to evaluate this technology for use in your commercial application

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Innoviz InnovizOne, InnovizTwo, And Innoviz360 Lidar Design Consultation And Evaluation

Looking for low-cost, gapless lidar vision for your autonomous application?

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