Mitai Software For AI Optimised EMC/EMI Design

Mitai’s EMC software is a cloud-based solution that is PCB-design-tool agnostic and can be accessed via standard internet browsers. This ‘spell-checker’ for EMC/EMI design is enabled by Mitai’s superior predictive engine which leverages their extensive knowledge of EMC/EMI design and combines this with recent innovations in AI technology to provide actionable insights into improving the EMC/EMI performance of your PCB design.

Given that >70% of PCB designs fail their first EMC test for certification, not only is Mitai a simulation software, it is also a powerful tool that improves time to market, saves development cost, and minimises frustration, particularly for complex PCB designs that require many layout iterations before finalisation.

Mitai’s easy-to-use AI-enhanced design tool takes your uploaded PCB files – including ODB++, schematics, BOM, and datasheets – and produces a list of ‘detections’ in your design that may be cause for EMC/EMI issues, along with the likelihood that these will cause a problem. It then accompanies these detections with design recommendations that will mitigate against EMC/EMI issues and improve the performance of your design.

Engineer’s can use Mitai’s online dashboard to manage their uploads and recommendation reports. Since this tool is cloud-based, the computing power is not limited by the engineer’s own computing resources.

Mitai offers free 3-day trials of their software, which is plenty of time to see the benefits it can bring to your work. If you are interested in learning more about Mitai and wish to support both Mitai and ipXchange for large-scale commercial use of this software, fill out the form below detailing your project, and ipXchange will facilitate conversation with Mitai and refer you for a free trial.

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