NGK EnerCera Pouch Bendable Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Evaluation Board

NGK’s EnerCera Pouch Li-ion rechargeable batteries exhibit double the energy density and less than half the internal resistance of other similarly sized commercial alternatives. The 0.45 mm thickness enables EnerCera Pouch batteries to be used in curved installations, and the device is also the world’s first thin-type Li-ion battery which can be embedded by hot lamination (>100°C), a process used widely in smart card production. Conforming to the ISO 14443-1 standard, these devices show no deterioration after bending and torsion tests, making them a perfect power source for wearables, security tags with wireless tracking, tire pressure sensors, and more. CV charging of all devices allows for elimination of a charging IC in final integration.

High-Power Devices – Nominal voltage 3.8 V with CC-CV charging, heatproof temp 80°C

Model NumberEC382704P-T
(Coming soon)
Footprint (mm x mm)38 x 2738 x 25
Nominal Capacity (Charging Voltage)27 mAh (4.3 V)
24 mAh (4.2 V)
20 mAh (4.2 V)
Peak Discharge Current560 mA500 mA

High-Capacity Devices – Nominal voltage 3.8 V with CC-CV charging, heatproof temp 80°C

Model NumberEC382704P-CEC382204P-CEC302304P-C
Footprint (mm x mm)38 x 2738 x 2230 x 23
Nominal Capacity
(Charging Voltage)
27 mAh (4.3 V)
24 mAh (4.2 V)
20 mAh (4.3 V)
18 mAh (4.2 V)
15 mAh (4.3 V)
14 mAh (4.2 V)
Peak Discharge Current260 mA200 mA130 mA

High-Heat-Resistance Devices – Nominal voltage 3.8 V with CC-CV charging, heatproof temp 135°C

Model NumberEC382704P-H
Footprint (mm x mm)38 x 27
Nominal Capacity (Charging Voltage)20 mAh (4.2 V)
Peak Discharge Current130 mA

Fast-Charging Devices – Nominal voltage 2.3 V with CV charging, heatproof temp 135°C. Fast charging devices can be charged from 0% to 80% capacity in 14 minutes.

Model NumberET271704P-H
Footprint (mm x mm)27 x 17
Nominal Capacity (Charging Voltage)5 mAh (2.7 V)
Peak Discharge Current100 mA

More details of the standard evaluation board to come.

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