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An ultra-thin, bendable rechargeable battery that requires no charging IC

Mr. X shouts from the rooftops on finding out about NGK’s EnerCera Pouch Li-ion rechargeable batteries, which exhibit double the energy density and less than half the internal resistance of other similarly sized commercial alternatives. A mere 0.45 mm thickness enables EnerCera Pouch batteries to be used in curved installations, and the device is also the world’s first thin-type Li-ion battery which can be embedded by hot lamination (>100°C), a process used widely in smart card production.

With several sizes ranging from 27 x 17 mm to 38 x 27 mm demonstrating peak discharge currents and capacities of 100 mA for 5 mAh (2.7 V) to 560 mA for 27 mAh (4.3 V) respectively, EnerCera Pouches are no gimmick, and conforming to the ISO 14443-1 standard, these devices show no deterioration after bending and torsion tests, making them a dream power source for wearables, security tags with wireless tracking, tire pressure sensors, and more.

The nominal voltage for most devices in the EnerCera Pouch range is 3.8 V with CC-CV charging, hence the elimination of a charging IC in final integration. Simplifying and minimising the component count in the final design becomes a big plus in rougher end uses where reliability of all components is key. There are also models designed specifically for high-power, high-capacity, high-heat-resistance, or fast-charging deployments; the latter devices can be charged from 0% to 80% capacity in 14 minutes and can even accept charge from contactless card readers!

Here, we have only focussed on EnerCera Pouch, but there is also the EnerCera Coin range of devices, which are, not surprisingly, coin-type cells that have similar properties to their Pouch brethren, without the signature bendability. These devices are worth mentioning because all products in the EnerCera range share the same evaluation board. Unfortunately, there is little information on these boards at this time, and it may be the case that they are phasing out the NGK board in favour of a Rohm alternative (or the opposite way around). In any case, a board is available, should this incredible innovation take your fancy, but we suggest a chat with NGK would be the best way forwards while this confusion gets sorted.

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NGK EnerCera Pouch Bendable Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Evaluation Board

Want the perfect bendable battery for powering a wearable or asset-tracking end device?

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