OROR Immersive Holographic Tables With Neonode IR Touch/Gesture Sensing

OROR presents a futuristic HMI that brings a 2D display into 3D space using their revolutionary lens technology that guarantees sharp, bright visuals in midair. Combined with Neonode’s IR-based air-touch sensing, OROR is able to create realistic 3D holograms that a user can interact with intuitively by dragging, swiping, or pinching the holographic projection. While the original source image and display are 2D, OROR’s experiments and testimonials have shown that when suspended in free space, the brain interprets these projections as three-dimensional due to OROR’s unique optics and the addition of movement and touch interaction.  

This innovation is available in a number of different display sizes which feature a volumetric footprint that is several times smaller than currently available alternatives in the holographic market. OROR also offers software solutions and support to help designers develop and manage OROR’s emerging technology to create the best end-user experience for, at this stage, novel commercial entertainment and retail applications.

OROR is based in Lyon, France, and as a startup, they are currently targeting local markets with their 22” Immersive Kiosk, their flagship product for retail applications and digital signage, and the 7” Immersive Dining Table, which offers increased versatility for day-to-day menu variations, as well as offering improved hygiene alongside a one-of-a-kind dining experience. For both these products, the trunk of the table discretely contains the electronics, and the display lies flat on the top surface, with the hologram able to be hidden when not required.

Due to the size of these reference designs and the requirement for an in-person demonstration to truly appreciate the experience, OROR plans to have a showroom at their headquarters as an initial way of evaluating the technology, after which design and development can commence for custom projects. An easier-to-transport evaluation solution may later be developed as the company expands it’s reach to the whole of France, then Europe, then the globe.

If you would like to learn more about OROR’s HMI, wherever you are based, fill in the form below to become an early adopter of this technology, and ipXchange will put you in touch. For local commercial investors, you can also use this form to apply for consultation and/or rental of OROR’s 22” Kiosks.

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