Panthronics PTX130W/30W NFC WLC Evaluation Kit

The industry’s only fully integrated, single-chip solution for the listener circuit in NFC wireless charging systems: Panthronics’ PTX30W integrates an efficient rectifier, NFC tag with a digital interface, power harvesting, and a lithium battery charger – with charging current from 5 mA to 250 mA – for fully autonomous listener operation and on-chip power management and protocol handling. An on-chip MCU LDO supports other board infrastructure with up to 50 mA output at 1.8 V or 3.3 V.

This single-device solution replaces multiple discrete components in current NFC circuit architectures while occupying around 25% of the board footprint. The 1.78 x 1.78 mm, 16-pin WL-CSP package makes the PTX30W perfect for compact, battery-operated products such as wearables, styluses, and medical sensors. On-chip protection functions include an overvoltage limiter circuit and temperature sensor for overtemperature detection/protection.

The NFC tag supports bidirectional data communication in NFC Type A mode, which enables the transfer of data between the charging cradle and the device under charge. In addition to this, the NFC Forum-derived wireless charging protocol supports power negotiation, simplifying product development as the PTX30W can operate without the need for an external microcontroller to run NFC wireless charging operations. Further specifications can be found in the product brief here.

The PTX30W can be evaluated with Panthronics’ purpose-made platform in conjunction with their PTX130W NFC poller evaluation platform, which exhibits the industry’s highest power output thanks to Panthronics’ patented sine wave architecture that eliminates the need for standard EMC filtering, further reducing B-O-M cost and board space. This configuration enables the PTX30W to harvest as much as 1 W of power for extremely fast charging of lithium-ion batteries. This kit is easy to use and supports all types of NFC and standard protocols with a dedicated symmetric transparent data channel and RF design support, config tools, and SDKs.

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