Paragraf Graphene Hall Sensor (GHS) Array Starter Kit

Paragraf’s GHS Array Starter Kit is a compact board, enabling simultaneous measurements to be taken from up to eight GHS sensors. Each sensor is attached to a probe with a 1.5 m serial interface cable and is accompanied by its own temperature sensor for simultaneous temperature monitoring and temperature correction of the magnetic measurement data.

This hardware is simple to integrate into existing data acquisition systems and will help manufacturers through the initial stages, before they look to implement larger scale test rigs featuring greater numbers of GHS-A or GHS-C devices. Please specify which sensor type you aim to use when filling out the application form.

AGHSCE1001 Cryogenic Extreme-Range 1D Graphene Hall Sensor

AGHSCM1001 Cryogenic Mid-Range 1D Graphene Hall Sensor

AGHSAM1101 Ambient Mid-Range 1D Graphene Hall Sensor

(All images sourced from Paragraf)

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