Ranovus Odin Single-Chip Optical Engine Consultation

Ranovus’ Odin Single-Chip Optical Engine is the World’s first monolithic Electronic & Photonic Integrated Circuit (EPIC) platform for multi-terabit optical interconnect applications in data centers. Inside a package smaller than a coin, there are RF drivers, control logic, integrated multi-wavelength Quantum Dot Lasers, photodetectors, and more. The integrated Quantum Dot Lasers are used as a light source for data transmission (at 100Gbs/lambda and beyond), and a single device can provide up to 96 wavelengths in the C-band, allowing for replacement of 96 individual lasers in an equivalent system. Silicon Photonic Ring Resonators allow for multiplexing and demultiplexing of packets of laser signals, creating a highly scalable and compact communication geometry.

By performing data communication optically rather than electronically, the cost of running a data center is significantly reduced. Odin-based Co-Packaged Optics (CPOs) 2.0 offer a 40% cost and power consumption saving over CPO 1.0, and the new technology is interoperable with the former. Due to the bespoke nature of this device’s main application, development boards are not available, but by filling out the form below, you will be entered into consultation with Ranovus to assess your project and whether Odin is the right solution for you.

(All images sourced from Ranovus)

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