Renesas DA16600 Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LE Combo Module

Renesas’ DA16600 is an ideal module for creating Matter-connected IoT devices that run on battery power. Its 14.2 mm x 24.6 mm x 3.0-mm form factor comes in two variants for onboard chip antenna or external antenna connection via u.FL. It contains Renesas’ ultra-low-power Wi-Fi DA16200 SoC and Bluetooth LE DA14531 SoC with coexistence of both protocols as standard, with an integrated SPDT antenna switch. The power supply voltage is 3.3 V.

In addition to this wireless functionality, the DA16600 can function as a microcontroller thanks to the 30-160 MHz Cortex-M4F core, which is supported by 4 MB flash memory. A sleep current of 5.2 µA enables battery life of years on small coin cells, with the ability to wake up the device if incoming data is detected. The GPIOs are multiplexed on the 51-pin package and support standard interfaces, including I2S.

The DA16600 enables designers to unite their IoT ecosystem through Matter connectivity, provision Wi-Fi connections using Bluetooth, perform secure over-the-air firmware updates to devices in the field, and more.

Learn more about the full specifications of this highly integrated device in this official datasheet.

The DA16600 can be evaluated via several different platform options, including a Pmod-style board (pictured) for connection to larger evaluation platforms such as Renesas’ IoT Quick Connect system, as well as a standard development board for standalone evaluation.

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