Renesas Quick-Connect IoT Platform & Software Suite

Renesas’ Quick-Connect IoT platform provides a simple-to-use environment for fast prototyping and component evaluation, using standardised hardware and software building blocks to aid your product development.

With minimal set-up time, Renesas’ platform allows users to assemble a system to evaluate sensors, connectivity, and an MCU as part of a complete prototype environment. Basic firmware writing is not required as the hardware modules are available with low-level drivers and middleware that allow for an immediate start to writing the application layer code.

Of the hardware modules available, there are numerous Renesas boards spanning MCUs, MPUs, sensors, and connectivity devices. Since the platform is built with standard hardware interfaces, such as PMOD™, Arduino, and MIKROE, engineers can easily expand and connect their own boards to create a full IoT prototype system that reflects their end goal, whether or not it is built around Renesas devices.

An example of another board that ipXchange supports for this ecosystem is the PTX105R Quick-Connect PMOD board from Panthronics, which can be used to provide NFC capabilities in your IoT design. For more information on hardware options for Renesas’ Quick-Connect IoT platform, or a datasheet for the board pictured, fill out the form below to register your interest.

To support the hardware side of this development platform, Renesas also offers Quick-Connect Studio, an online, cloud-based design platform that enables users to graphically build hardware and software. Drag and drop devices and subsystem blocks allow designers to quickly build a virtual prototype of their system, with automatically generated software to enable no-code development. Click here to try Quick-Connect Studio and learn more about this modular prototyping platform.

If you are looking to build an IoT system and want to find out more about what Renesas’ Quick-Connect IoT platform can offer, apply for a sample today, detailing what sensors and connectivity solutions you are aiming to employ in your end product.

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