Renesas PTX105R Quick Connect PMOD Board

Renesas’ PTX105R (formerly by Panthronics) is an NFC controller IC designed for IoT applications. This device uses the same Panthronics sine wave architecture as Renesas’ other offerings, enabling superior sensitivity, accurate digital wave shaping, and a reduced component count when compared to conventional square-wave NFC controllers as additional EMI filters are not required. The PTX105R has an output power up to 1 W @ 5 V and a receiver sensitivity of -80 dBc.

The PTX105R offers reliable NFC coupling in challenging operating environments such as behind a noisy display screen, and supports operation through an antenna typically 4-5 times smaller than those required by conventional NFC readers. This space-saving NFC solution allows designers to create smaller NFC IoT devices for applications such as access control, ID readers, gaming, point-of-sale terminals, and wearable devices.

The PTX105R Quick Connect PMOD board allows engineers to evaluate the performance of the PTX105R as part of the Quick Connect IoT ecosystem for Renesas microcontrollers. Alternatively, a full PTX105R Demokit is available for stand-alone evaluation.

The form below can be used to apply for either evaluation platform. 

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