SOLO Motor Controllers SOLO MINI 6-40 V, 20-80 A Motor Control Board

SOLO Motor Controllers’ SOLO MINI module offers all the software features of their flagship SOLO UNO device in a smaller form factor and lower power rating. As with the SOLO UNO, SOLO MINI is an easy-to-integrate control solution for DC, Brush-Less (BL) DC, Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS), Electronically Commutated (EC) coreless, and AC Induction (ACI) motors. An extremely fast Field Oriented Control (FOC) loop rate (up to 140 kHz) supports high-efficiency motor operations in applications including light EVs, drones, robotics, traction units, and industrial automation. SOLO Motor Controllers’ boards also support regenerative braking.

With a dual-core processor at its heart, SOLO MINI provides high-precision analogue or digital control of position, velocity, and torque with automatic self-tuning and identification of motor parameters. SOLO Motor Controllers’ parallel processing architecture enables separate processing of motor functions and external interface data for the highest grade of motor control.

SOLO MINI accepts a wide input voltage supply range of 6-40 V with a maximum rated current of 80 A. For continuous operation, a current of 20 A does not require cooling or fans in order to operate safely. Inbuilt protections for reverse polarity, bus over-voltage, bus under-voltage, over-current, and over temperature ensure safe, reliable operation during deployment.

The SOLO MINI is a 18.64 x 63.62 x 74.03 mm ready-to-go platform with interfaces that include:

  • USB Virtual COM Port (VCP) with custom protocol
  • PC with SOLO Motor Controllers’ Motion Terminal
  • UART for Arduino and Raspberry Pi (with library)
  • CANopen for Industrial applications

SOLO MINI can use control signals from encoders and Hall sensors, or work via sensor-less operation. More information on SOLO MINI can be found in this extensive user manual.

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