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Don’t just call it an inverter; it’s much smarter than that. Simplifying motor control for the everyman

In this week’s ipXperience, Guy chats with Milad and Francesco to understand the challenges of high-precision motor control and the solutions provided by SOLO Motor Controllers that will surely make an engineer’s life easier. 

As Milad explains, motor control has been around for years, but that does not mean it is simple or easy. The artistic fusion of power electronics, control engineering, software, and firmware provides the heart of many systems such as e-bikes, robotics, drones, and industrial automation, and while the act of moving a motor may seem simple, a poorly controlled motor can ruin the user experience of the whole device. In short, precision motor control is key, and torque is at the heart of this. 

Enjoy this deep dive into how SOLO Motor Controllers approaches motor control and the benefits of their dual-core parallel processing architecture that enables motor control functions to be processed independently from the controller’s external interfaces. 

SOLO Motor Controllers SOLO UNO 8-58 V, 32-100 A Motor Control Board

Learn more about SOLO Motor Controllers’ SOLO UNO here, where you can also apply to try out this technology before using it in a commercial project:

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