Taoglas Invisible Antenna Samples (Wi-Fi, Cellular, and GNSS)

Taoglas’ Invisible Antenna series comes in three varieties:

-> The TFX257.A supports the entire spectrum of Wi-Fi bands, including Wi-Fi 6, and measures at 32 x 114 mm.
-> The TFX62.A serves 600-6000 MHz cellular communications (Worldwide 4G/5G bands), with a footprint of 110 x 160 mm.
-> The TFX125.A serves GNSS bands, with a footprint of 76 x 47 mm.

This transparent alternative to flexible PCB antenna solutions allows engineers to covertly install an antenna into part of a product that may be visible to the end user.

Each of the Taoglas Invisible antennas weigh just 5 g. The standard model is supplied with an adhesive for installation and is connected via a FAKRA Code I, Code D, and Code C male connector for the TFX257.A, TFX62.A, and TFX125.A models respectively. Custom connections can be fitted through consultation with Taoglas, who will also advise you regarding installation to ensure deployment of their Inivisible Antennas in your end product remains robust and inconspicuous.

The TFX257.A Wi-Fi Invisible Antenna has the following operating characteristics: 50 Ω impedance; linear polarisation; omnidirectional radiation pattern; max input power of 2 W. The following table shows the performance of the device in each Wi-Fi band, and further details can be found in the datasheet here.

BandFrequency (MHz)Efficiency (%)Average Gain (dB)Peak Gain (dB)
Wi-Fi 22400-250055.3-2.584.59
Wi-Fi 55150-585041.6-3.813.58
Wi-Fi 65925-712531.0-5.092.04

Please note that the TFX257.A’s performance, and that of all antennas, is dependent on surrounding materials, and where possible, it should be mounted at least 20 mm from metal components.

Details of band performance and coverage of the TFX62.A Cellular and TFX125.A Multiband GNSS Invisible Antennas can be found in their datasheets, which are provided in the links below:

TFX62.A Cellular Invisible Antenna Datasheet

TFX125.A Multiband GNSS Invisible Antenna Datasheet

An operating and storage temperature of -40°C to +85°C allows viable operation of Taoglas Invisible Antennas in many applications, including automotive and commercial transportation, digital signage and display screens, and point of sale kiosks. If you require additional assistance with integrating these devices in conjunction with other antennas, feel free to include details of this when filling out the application form below.

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