WizzDev IoT Basic HV2 ESP32 Development Board For AWS

WizzDev’s IoT Basic board provides an easy-to-use, simple environment for evaluating WizzDev’s preconfigured AWS solution for creating AWS-connected IoT products with seamless device monitoring and management through the cloud. The heart of the board is Espressif’s ESP32-WROOM-32D, a MicroPython- and Amazon-IoT-Core-compatible device that features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE connectivity in addition to a powerful dual-core Xtensa 32-bit LX6 MCU running at up to 240 MHz.

With an onboard BME280 temperature-and-humidity sensor, options for power via 3x AA batteries or a Li-ion cell with an onboard charging circuit, and connections to UART and I2C interfaces for your own peripherals and sensors, WizzDev’s IoT Basic board enables fast development and testing of AWS-connected sensor nodes in applications that include smart home, smart city, smart agriculture, and more. It can serve as either the starting point in a standalone development journey, or as an introduction to WizzDev’s expertise in developing hardware and software solutions for AWS-connected IoT projects. For completely independent development, WizzDev also provides all the necessary information for you to build your own IoT Basic board.

Additional specifications and features of this 100 x 50-mm development environment are as follows:

  • Circuit operating voltage: 3.3 V
  • Power supply: 3.3 V (max. 5.5 V through regulator)
  • Maximum current draw: 270 mA
  • Average current draw during operation: 65 mA
  • Sleep current: 4 mA
  • Temperature measurement range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Humidity measurement range: 0-100%
  • 1x user button
  • 4x user LEDs (red, yellow, green, blue)

For a breakdown of the onboard systems, please consult this official datasheet.

IoT Basic is the first commercial development board from WizzDev, but their expertise spans many projects with big OEMs, so fill out the form below to apply to evaluate their technology using the IoT Basic board or to enter consultation on a more complex project that will require a long-term partnership for AWS-based IoT development.

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