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Replace batteries with an energy harvesting EVK!

Ever wished that you never had to replace the batteries in your remote control unit? With e-peas’ latest EVKs, it’ll only take one more replacement to make that dream come true…

In the first of a few interviews with e-peas at Embedded World 2024, ipXchange chats with Pierre for the perfect follow-up to our discussion at CES 2024, where he first introduced us to e-peas’ AEM13920, AEM10920, and AEM00920 PMICs.

To give you a quick refresher, the AEM13920 accepts two independent energy harvesting source inputs and contains the complete power management systems you need for turning photovoltaic or thermoelectric energy into a usable power source for IoT sensors, electronic shelf labels, and more. It even has a 5-V CCV charging circuit that supports backup power in the event that the ambient energy levels are not quite enough to run your application full time.

The AEM10920 and AEM00920 take these same principles but focus solely on photovoltaic energy harvesting for powering remote control units and PC peripherals – this is an application area where many single-use batteries could easily be replaced by energy harvesting technology for a more sustainable solution…

And that’s what e-peas brought to the show! In addition to its standard EVKs for helping engineers to get started working with its technology, e-peas has introduced mini EVKs for many of its products like the AEM00920!

With a form factor of just 18 x 16 mm, e-peas’ mini EVKs can be directly integrated into existing designs as a replacement for disposable batteries. All you need to do is connect a PV cell and storage element, and the mini EVK can sit happily in the battery compartment as a sustainable alternative technology.

e-peas is partnered with a tonne of companies to help you complete your bill of materials for energy harvesting technology integration, so come evaluate any of e-peas products by heading to one of our board pages and filling out a form with details of your commercial project.

In the next segment, we’ll be chatting to Bruno about the next level of component evaluation: reference designs! Stay tuned for more.

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e-peas AEM00920 & AEM10920 Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting PMICs For RCU & KBD Applications

Looking for an EVK that enables slot-in replacement of energy harvesting technology into an existing battery compartment?

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