Atmosic ATM34 Bluetooth LE + Matter + Thread + Zigbee SoC & Energy-Harvesting ATM34e Variant

Atmosic’s ATM34 series of wireless SoCs boast Bluetooth LE 5.4 and 802.15.4 (Thread, Matter, and Zigbee) wireless communication at a power consumption of just 0.95 mA receiving and 2.1 mA transmitting, in addition to a 64-MHz Cortex-M33F application processor supported by 256 kB RAM, 64 kB ROM, and 512-1536 kB of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM).

Arm TrustZone security, cryptographic hardware accelerators, and a true random number generator ensure your device is well protected in applications such as industrial IoT, healthcare, sports, smart home, smart building, and smart cities.

Longest battery life is enabled by state-of-the-art power management, options for low-duty-cycle and wake-up operation, and energy harvesting capabilities (ATM34e), which can be used to eliminate the need for a primary battery entirely. Sources include an on-chip RF energy harvester in addition to external photovoltaic, thermal, and kinetic energy harvesters, for example. The on-chip power management circuitry can deliver energy straight to the application circuit, direct it to an energy store, and facilitate the transfer of energy between these areas.

The ATM34 series is pin-compatible with Atmosic’s ATM33 series to support updated designs with minimal additional development time.

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