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3D PLUS develops smaller, lighter radiation-tolerant MRAM memory for use in space

Mr. X looks to the stars and thinks back to an old post on 3D PLUS’s Radiation Tolerant MRAM devices. Using its high-density 3D wafer level stacking technology, 3D PLUS reduces the volume and weight of space-qualified components by more than 85%, a valuable saving for missions where every gram counts.

With unlimited read/write endurance and Single Event Upset immune characteristics, 3D PLUS’ MRAM devices are a trustworthy choice if you’ve got a commercial project that’s out of this world, whether that be for Earth observation, telecommunications satellites, navigation, or something a little further afield. These components have a proven lifetime for 15- to 18-year missions and a radiation tolerance of TID >50 krad(Si) and SEL >85 MeV.cm3/mg.

Learn more about 3D PLUS’ range of Radiation Tolerant MRAM devices in our original article here.

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3D PLUS Radiation Tolerant MRAM Sample

Need reliable memory for a long, harsh-environment application that’s beyond this world?

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