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Compact, plug-and-play digital motor drives for easy development and fast time-to-market

This ipXchange interview with Performance Motion Devices marks our first piece regarding a motor control device! Why not start with something fantastic from Embedded World 2023?

In another casual chat, Stefano tells us about Performance Motion Device’s motor control solutions, which range from ICs, to boards, to modules like the ION/CME N-Series Digital Motor Drives that are the focus of this video. This latest addition to the product family is a great starting point when developing devices for medical, scientific, semiconductor, and other automation applications.

These ready-to-use, plug-and-play devices come with a library of C-language motion commands for immediate use, meaning a faster time-to-market for engineers new to motion control. ION/CME N-Series Digital Motor Drives are complete 1-axis solutions, and they have up to 1 kW power, work for step motors, brushless DC, DC brush, or multi-motor systems, and communicate via your choice of serial, CAN/SPI, or ethernet connection.

An integrated processor means that you can develop your own application within the drive, and should you later wish to switch to IC-based control, all Performance Motion Devices products use the same technology and programming language. How’s that for scalability? Better still, 20 years guaranteed product support makes Performance Motion Device’s solution a great fit for certification-heavy applications like medical machinery, where changing a component can indefinitely stall development/production behind a long line of paperwork.

Performance Motion Devices ION/CME N-Series Digital Motor Drives

Learn more about the ION/CME N-Series Digital Motor Drives here, where you can also apply to test this technology if you have a commercial application.

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