Beny-devices Hardware Design Templates For PCBs

When starting a new design, Beny-devices recommends that electronics engineers first consider the enclosure that will house their electronics, before starting on PCB layout. The reason for this is simple: Any PCB must fit into an enclosure and be mounted securely, with the appropriate clearances for certification and space for any connectors required. Since electronics engineers are not mechanical engineers, even detailed technical drawings of a simple enclosure can be difficult to interpret, resulting in many engineers preparing PCBs that must be revised time and time again because mechanical mistakes only become clear when it comes to placing “finished” boards into an enclosure.

Beny-devices eliminates this problem by providing the digital content required for designing PCBs that will correctly fit enclosures according to the manufacturer’s best recommendations. For minimal investment, these hardware templates save significant design time and material cost as you can be sure that your board will fit the first time around.

Beny-devices offers a growing portfolio of templates that have all been verified physically using real boards, enclosures, and connectors. When purchasing a template package, available in either KiCAD or Altium Designer format, you will receive various assets depending on the template package chosen. As an example, these may include:

  • Design data of the verified PCB template
  • Complete ECAD project
  • Independent footprint and symbol libraries
  • Clean and easy-to-order BOM of all components compatible with the enclosure openings
  • Instructions on how to order the enclosure
  • 3D STEP mode of the entire device

Head over to the Beny-devices website to see their current template catalogue and start your design journey now.

If you have a custom template request or are a company wishing to partner with Beny-devices with the intent to create more reliable design content for helping engineers make the decision to use your product over competing solutions, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch with Beny-devices. Since this is a generic form for all enquiries, some details may be less relevant than usual; please fill in the information as best you can.

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