Digilent Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230 Test & Measurement Platform

Digilent’s Analog Discovery Pro (ADP2230) takes the popular Analog Discovery platform and takes it to the next level with dedicated BNC connectors for the analogue signal I/Os (2x inputs with >50 MHz bandwidth + 1x output with 15 MHz bandwidth) and a rugged aluminium case.

The ADP2230 provides engineers with easy access to test and measurement tools via USB connection to a host PC (up to USB 3.0 speed) at a fraction of the cost of a traditional multi-scope setup. Out of the box, engineers can use the following tools and configure how they are displayed on the user interface:

  • Mixed signal oscilloscope
  • Waveform generator
  • Logic analyser
  • Variable power supply (2x outputs)
  • 16x digital I/O channels

In addition to these real-time functions, the ADP2230 features deep memory buffers for long data acquisition tasks. These operate with a sample rate of up to 125 MS/s and enable user to capture and analyse complex datasets for later analysis with the free WaveForms software. Live mathematical operations like fast Fourier Transforms can also be performed and displayed on screen. Additional support for LabVIEW and MATLAB makes the ADP2230 great for integration with experimental setups.

The ADP2230 allows for the use of multiple tools at the same time for the most demanding test and measurement tasks, without requiring a bulky, overly complex testing bench setup. That said, multiple units can be synced for larger projects that require additional signal channels for characterisation.

Learn more about the ADP2230 in this official datasheet, and if you’re excited to kit out your work setup with a complete testing solution that fits in your rucksack, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will get you connected with Digilent.

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