Power Integrations InnoSwitch3-AQ QR Flyback Switcher IC And Reference Designs

Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch3-AQ family of ICs are AEC-Q100 automotive qualified and offer a highly simplified, compact solution for creating CV/CC quasi-resonant flyback power converters with up to 95% efficiency across the full load range. This IC incorporates a multi-mode valley switching DCM/CCM (Discontinuous/Continuous Conduction Mode) flyback controller; 750 V or 900 V silicon, 900 V gallium nitride (GaN) – also know as PowiGaN, or 1700 V silicon carbide (SiC) switch options with FluxLink feedback; and secondary-side sensing for automotive applications that include:

-> Traction inverter emergency power supply
-> High-voltage to low-voltage DC to DC converters
-> Battery management system
-> On-board chargers

InnoSwitch3-AQ devices accept a wide input voltage from 30 V to >1000 V with multiple programmable protection features for line over, input undervoltage, output overvoltage and over-current with auto-restart response, and over-temperature. Operation meets Global energy efficiency regulations with less than 15 mW no-load consumption, in addition to low heat dissipation. In conjunction with AEC-Q100 qualification, the devices also feature >4000 VRMS isolation voltage and excellent noise immunity.

For more information on the powers available for a given output DC voltage for each model – up to 800 V using the SiC-switch devices – please consult this datasheet for the InnoSwitch3-AQ series.

In order to demonstrate these components in action, Power Integrations has produced the RDR-919Q 60 W reference design that features the INN3949CQ device, which uses the 1700 V SiC switching technology option. This flyback produces a single 24 VDC output at 2.5 A from a 50-1000 VDC input with an efficiency of 82 % and a no-load consumption of 30 mW. Over-protections are featured as standard with this family of components, and the design is able to work at 85ºC with continuous 20 W operation using a 1000 V input. Benefits of this design include insensitivity to transformer variation and extremely fast transient response that is independent of load timing. You can learn more about this automotive DC-DC converter design in the official datasheet.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in evaluating this technology for use in a commercial application. Note that there are numerous other reference designs available for the InnoSwitch3-AQ family of devices, including soon-to-be-released solutions for the 900 V GaN options. If known, please specify your specific device of interest when filling out the form, but in all cases, ipXchange aims to put you in touch with Power Integrations for consultation to discuss your project requirements before settling on an evaluation platform.

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