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A ready-to-deploy, IP67-rated LoRaWAN IoT kit: Green Custard’s timesaver for AWS IoT Core projects 

In ipXchange’s final piece of coverage from Hardware Pioneers Max 2023, we talk to Natasha from Green Custard, a company with the perfect dessert-like name after a hearty meal of content from a great show. 

Better still, Green Custard’s LoRaWAN starter kit features a [Raspberry Pi Pico MCU board:] to bring this joke home, and a familiar [RAKwireless RAK3172 LoRaWAN module:] was also spotted in this interesting dev kit – Pis cooling on a RAK, anyone? 

Anyway, Green Custard’s LoRaWAN starter kit presents engineers with a ready-to-deploy setup for developing LoRaWAN-based IoT builds, specifically using AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. If you’re looking for fast product development, you’ve come to the right place: Green Custard also produces the required gateways – included in the starter kit – and is partnered with companies that grant you access to over 500 sensor options to suit your application. 

Thanks to Green Custard’s dashboard, monitoring and interpreting this data is easy, and an IP67-rated sensor node means that this kit is suitable for indoor and outdoor deployments covering a wide variety of possible applications from industrial to smart agriculture. 

As Natasha describes, one of Green Custard’s kits is currently being used in Ely Museum to monitor the environmental conditions of the displays as well as the traffic of people throughout the building. Another notable application is a smart-building monitoring system that previously used Wi-Fi with 24 gateways connected in series, a nightmare for system maintenance and resilience. Thanks to Green Custard’s solution, this system has now been replaced with a single LoRaWAN gateway with remote diagnostics and maintenance. 

If this content has sparked your interest in LoRaWAN-based IoT for use in a commercial project, follow the link to the board form below to learn more and apply to evaluate this technology. Alternatively, follow the links above and on the board page to learn more about the Raspberry Pi Pico boards and RAKwireless’ ever-popular RAK3172 LoRaWAN module. 

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Green Custard LoRaWAN Starter Kit

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