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A revolutionary chip that allows for up to 50% volume reduction of input bulk capacitors in PSUs

Another find from the halls of Electronica, Mr. X marvels at the MinE-CAP IC from Power Integrations, a jaw-dropping piece of power-electronics sorcery enabled by their PowiGaN technology. As well as dramatically reducing the size of the required input capacitors of a power supply, without compromising output ripple or operating efficiency, MinE-CAP also precisely manages inrush current when the supply is connected to the mains, eliminating the need for dissipative NTCs or large slow-blow fuses as I2t stress on input components is dramatically reduced.

Partnered with Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch IC family, MinE-CAP allows for the lowest component count, ultra-compact AC-DC converters without redesign of the transformer. This enables an adaptor size reduction of up to 40% whilst avoiding the EMI and dissipation challenges associated with traditional high-frequency SMPS designs. The device itself comes in a modest 11.32 x 5.67 x 1.94 mm (including leads) MinSOP-16A package.

MinE-CAP is a perfect component for use in applications requiring an extended wide-range input (90-350 VAC), such as consumer electronics and laptop PSUs, USB chargers, and home appliances. With such flexibility on the inputs, you’ll be glad to know that MinE-CAP also offers protection against output open loop, output overvoltage, output short circuit, output undervoltage, and overtemperature; the operating range of the MinE-CAP is -40°C to +150°C.

Power Integrations provides a great many designs on their website for you to test the MinE-CAP, but their RDK-928 Reference Design Kit provides a readily available product for engineers to see the MinE-CAP in action, as well as Power Integrations’ PowiGaN-based InnoSwitch4-CZ and ClampZero devices. The RDK-928 is a 60 W ultra-compact USB PD 3.0 charger designed for mobile phones and laptop computers. It uses a flyback topology and accepts a universal input (90-265 VAC) with a variable output voltage of 5, 9, 15, or 20 VDC, all at 3 A max current. The miniscule 45 x 45 mm profile illustrates the vast reduction in size enabled by MinE-CAP and Power Integrations’ other devices; a typical 60 W charger stands at 74 x 74 mm. The no-load power of 60 mW and 93% efficiency clarifies the superior performance of the device despite the dramatic size reduction.

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Power Integrations RDK-928 60 W PSU for Evaluating MinE-CAP

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