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IoT without the I? Slash B-O-M in your payment device by outsourcing it to the consumer’s phone

Presenting a great ipXperience with Francois from AuthGate who shows us the Micro-TAD (Transaction Authentication Device) Bluetooth board. The principle of operation is simple:

Step 1: The consumer’s phone establishes a Bluetooth connection with the TAD.

Step 2: The consumer is then redirected to the transaction server to complete the transaction on their phone using their own internet connection.

Step 3: The server then returns the transaction verification certificate to the TAD via the consumer’s phone.

With a Nordic nRF52 Bluetooth chip at its heart, the Micro-TAD can be used to add secure contactless payment and/or verification functionality to an IoT device such as a smart locker, vending machine, or other device that requires authentication. Better yet, it does this while further increasing security and drastically reducing the power consumption as the wireless network and user interface can be migrated to the consumer’s phone. This means that the end device also no longer requires an electronic HMI or its own open wireless network that may become an easy target for hackers.

Second- and third-party apps on the user’s phone can also be utilised to streamline the payment/verification process and significantly shorten development time as the need for purpose-made authentication software in the device is dramatically reduced.

AuthGate Micro-TAD Bluetooth Board For Wireless Transactions

Learn more about AuthGate’s Micro-TAD here, where you can also apply to be an early adopter of the technology for use in a commercial application:

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